I am a Registered Dietitian, foodie, and avid blogger about all things food and fun. I currently live in the Dallas, Texas area with my boyfriend and lovely dog, Gwen. I am new to the Dallas scene and wanted to document my adventures of being a foodie in the area,

As a Registered Dietitian, I am constantly asked if I eat healthy all the time, if I count my calories, or if I go to the gym every single day. Often people are surprised of my food habits and that fact I like to go out to eat and have an ice cream every now and then. I tell them that I simply live by the 80/20 rule, that about 80% of the time I eat well and go to the gym, while 20% of the time I give into food cravings, skip the gym, and enjoy my ice cream after dinner!

Although life cannot by divided up evenly into percentages and should not be, I just choose to not worry about the little things every single day; nor would I recommend a patient or client to be healthy and strict with their diet and exercise every single day. In my blog you will find find fun recipes to try, foodie adventures I have embarked on, and someways I find a good balance between healthy and fun.